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Structural Concrete Strengthening Techniques Used in Calgary

Structural strengthening is a process to upgrade structures in order to enhance the strength of members so that they can carry additional loads. CCD Western Limited in Calgary uses the effective structural concrete strengthening systems provided by Sika like CFRP and GFRP. They can control structural cracks and deflections, as well as can be used to increase fatigue resistance and seismic resistance.

Retrofitting with CFRP can prove to be a cost-effective method for structural strengthening. Our team will carefully analyze the impact of strengthening or removing a part on the behaviour of the structure. Our services include:

Increasing size of structural members

Installation of CFRP and GFRP systems

Structural plate bonding

Installation of external post-tensioning systems

Structural strengthening becomes important due to code changes, seismic upgrades, and more. To learn more how we can assist you on your structural concrete strengthening projects, contact us today. You can also expect our experts to provide you with an estimate on your project.

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