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We Handle Parkade Restoration and Protection Projects in Calgary

CCD Western Limited provides parkade restoration and protection services in Calgary to keep your business lucrative and customers happy. If your parking structure needs a complete restoration or repair, call us right away. You can count on us to properly install concrete structures as we have experts to restore and repair your parking garages. Our wide range of services includes:

Existing coating removals

Urethane and epoxy crack injections

Spalled and delaminated concrete repairs

Surface preparation services

Routing and sealing of cracks

Epoxy deck coating installations

Methyl methacrylate installations

Polyurethane membrane installations

Need for Parkade Restoration and Protection

Parking garage concrete deterioration can occur due to various reasons and will need costly restoration if left untreated. Generally, parked cars leave behind salt and water that may cause dips or cracks in the concrete. Also, older concrete parking garages may need complete rebuilds or repairs. Call us for all your parkade restoration and repair needs.

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are important for the stability and longevity of a parking deck structure. The exposure of decks to hot and cold weather may result in the expansion or contraction of the structural components of the deck. We are hired as a subcontractor for expansion joint systems for your parking deck.

Request for an Estimate

Call us for an estimate on your next parkade restoration project.

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