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Structural Concrete Repair in Calgary

Prior to deciding on a repair solution, call the experts at CCD Western Limited to find out the severity and cause of the damaged structural concrete. Our team has the required skills and knowledge to provide structural concrete repair solutions in Calgary. For a long-lasting and cost-effective concrete repair, you should hire a trained restoration repair contractor. A list of our services includes:

Slab delamination repairs

Removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete in columns and beams


Post-tensioning tendon replacement

Get in touch with us for an estimate on your concrete repair project.


Hydrodemolition or hydroblasting is a technique that uses high-pressure water to remove deteriorated concrete and asphalt. Such a method provides the most appropriate bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications. You can also use this process to remove sound concrete. Hydrodemolition is also effective in removing concrete from and around embedded metal elements like expansion joints.

Problem Solvers for Your Structure Concrete Repairs

We are considered as problems solvers in the area for concrete restoration.

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