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Industrial Concrete Restoration Work in Calgary

Whether you need a complete demolition and replacement of existing concrete floor or you are looking for experts to fix cracks and chips, CCD Western Limited can help. We proudly serve Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Calgary with various industrial concrete restoration services. Our team completes every industrial and commercial restoration project with quality workmanship. When you call us for your concrete restoration needs, our experts will visit your industrial construction site and restore columns, beams, and more. Some of our services include:



Repouring the concrete

And more

Contact our experts for an estimate on your concrete repair and restoration project.

Structural Concrete Repair and Restoration

A crack can affect the foundation or structure of a property, which can be restored with an effective repair. For such a repair or restoration, epoxy injection is an ideal method with or without added reinforcement. The injected epoxy is much stronger than concrete and can help restore the concrete strength. From post tension replacement to the strengthening of structural members and foundations, our experts have the required skills to cater to all your restoration needs. Our services include:

Removal and replacement of deteriorated concrete

Strengthening of structural members and foundations

Extreme low- and high-temperature repair motors

Epoxy injection systems

Post-tensioning replacements


Primary or Secondary Containment

Primary containment or containers like tanks, vessels, pipes, transport vessels, and more are used to transfer material and are designed with secondary containers. The secondary containment systems include tank dikes, drainage collection systems, the outer wall of double-walled tanks, and more. Our services cover:

Tank and pond liners

Corrosion-resistant polymer coatings

Restoration of concrete containment systems

Protective Coatings

When it comes to protecting your property from the elements, choose CCD Western Limited for protective coatings. Our commercial and industrial projects in Calgary include buildings susceptible to extreme conditions. You can count on us for polymer flooring systems, chemical- and abrasion-resistant coatings, trowel-applied liners, and conductive coatings for anti-static requirements.

Water Leakage Control

Some of the main factors that affect leakage are pressure in mains, poor quality of fittings, corrosion of water pipes, traffic loading, and more. Our services for water leakage control include:

Epoxy and urethane injection systems

Elastomeric membrane systems

Sealed expansion joint systems

Seek Assistance from Us for Your Project

Contact our experts to provide you with the right solution for your concrete restoration needs.

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