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A Trusted Source in Calgary for Your Industrial Structural Strengthening Project

While hiring a contractor for your industrial structural strengthening project in Calgary, ensure your provider is using industry-recommended concrete repair techniques. At CCD Western Limited, we understand that safety is a top priority for any structural repair, and so we use carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) post-tensioning systems offered by Sika.

An appropriate strengthening mechanism can extend the functional service life of a structure. To increase the bending, shear or impact resistance, we rely on the tested and proven Sika systems. Give us a call to get an estimate on your industrial structural strengthening project.

CFRP Post-Tensioning Systems

CFRP post-tensioning systems are effective to control structural cracks and deflections. They can also be used to increase fatigue resistance and seismic resistance. Sika offers a unique system based on post-tensioned CFRP plates to strengthen concrete substrates.

Prefabricated CFRP Plates

Prefabricated CFRP plates can be externally bonded or near surface mounted. For different dimensions and E-moduli, Sika provides various CFRP plates.

Quality Workmanship for Your Project

With over 45 years of experience, you can expect quality workmanship from us.

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